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Chiara Castellana, from Italy, is the winner of the Grand Prize of  € 5,000 with the bag project “AW2B” of the design competition Bag in Town sponsored by EASTPAK in collaboration with Istituto Europeo di Design.

The winning project was subjected to public scrutiny from 19th the 30th November 2012 and received 15,839 votes followed by Elizabeth Hernandez Medina (Mexico) 10,043, Iane de Souza Machado (Brazil) 5,599, Fernando Ocampo (Chile) 2,508, Ana Margarita Jimenez (Philippines) 1,730 and Federica Ghinoi (Italy) 1,292.

The six selected designers participated in a unique experience at the IED Creative Factory in Madrid and Venice where they received expert guidance from EASTPAK product and marketing managers and IED design management specialists with the goal of manufacturing a prototype of each design and transforming their respective projects into reality.

EASTPAK will present the 6 final Bag in Town projects at the “Bread & Butteran international trade fair for Street and Urban Wear, in Berlin from 15th to 17th January 2013 . EASTPAK has the option to realize products deriving from the 6 Projects. Stay tuned for future updates!

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Rating: 4.1/5 (44 votes cast)

Categories: Accessories design, backpacks,

Selected for: Creative Factory participation, Bag in Town - a bag for 24 hours.

\”Luce Vivo\” translates to \”Light Alive\” which is what this backpack is all about. Luce Vivo is the perfect 24 hour backpack because it combines everything needed for urban living in one simple package.

The main innovation of the Luce Vivo is the LED strips placed on the inside of the pockets which turn on/off when the backpack is opened/closed. The LEDs provide light on the inside of the pack, elliminating the need to feel through your stuff like a mystery box. The batteries for the LEDs are powered by the solar panel placed on the outisde of the hardshell pocket. This battery can be removed, replaced, and externally charged if solar energy is not sufficient.

The hardshell pocket is located on the lower front of the pack, protecting any valubles inside. This pocket also houses a USB input to charge devices. Another USB cord is run through the pack into the hardshell strap pocket for easy access to mobile devices.

The insulated water bladder pocket is waterproof and protects all your other valubles in case of a leak. The hose feeds through the strap for insulation and convenience.

Luce Vivo, 4.1 out of 5 based on 44 ratings

3 Responses to “Luce Vivo”

  1. Carol Graham says:

    I liked this idea. The LEDs sound good. Even in the daylight I sometimes cannot see what all is in my pack. Solar energy is another good idea so it could charge while I carry it around. I would try this backpack.

  2. Milly Mullins says:

    Very, Very Cool name and design!! I like the idea of the LED lighting along with what looks like reflective material for the inner lining of the pack. I’m not a backpack person but I could see this design working very nicely for a purse as well.

  3. Katherine Harper says:

    Awesome! I’m always losing things in the bottom and love the idea of solar energy. Great design! Where can I buy one?

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